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Anniversary Sessions

Why Anniversary Sessions?

Why Anniversary Sessions?

A couple's love story grows exponentially in courage, respect, and inspiration in the time after their wedding. I love offering anniversary sessions because it gives couples a chance to celebrate their love and commitment, and remember the excitement of their wedding day. There's something so mature and romantic about the love of a couple who has caught a glimpse into the ups and downs of marriage and who choose to love each other all the more completely. 

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Bridget + Denney Anniversary Session

Denney and Bridget are an awesome couple. We had a little anniversary shoot out by City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Denney is a musician, and Bridget works for a cool company called Skull Candy. I was grateful that they were super relaxed and up to try anything, including running back and forth on a rocky uneven hillside. I love engagement photography, but I told these guys I sometimes love anniversary shoots even more because the couples seem more relaxed around each other, and their love feels more founded in reality. This was definitely the case for these two. Enjoy these photos!