Today the light in my office and the need to create was calling to me. There's this playful, warm, whispery light shows up late in the afternoon and leaves after only visiting for about twenty minutes. Sometimes I ignore it. Sometimes I shut the blinds and pretend its not there. Sometimes I get so caught up in the to do lists and work for clients and other business behind the scenes that I forget the reason I chose photography in the first place. I was glad I chose to let the light in and give myself a break to play with the light and nurture my creativity.

That soft gooey sunset light behind a mountain while a lovey couple is snuggling in the foreground is my favorite, but it was fun to engage with some of that every day living room light that's easy to forget about. I guess relationships are kinda like that too. There's always the highs of the epic mountain sunset ''i'm so happy i'm gonna be sick'' kind of days that are reminiscent of your favorite romantic comedies, but there are also plain old living room light kinds of days where we have to choose to listen to, engage with, and create the good stuff.